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Papua New Guinea: “What Tribe Are You?”

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority needed a way to creatively highlight its cultural diversity and build its North American consumer database.

The Brief

  • Create an interactive microsite which surveys the users preferences
  • Reveal which of the 700+ tribes they would belong
  • Cultivate a database of potential travelers to Papua New Guinea along with their travel preferences
  • Promote seven unique itineraries that correspond to unique tribes in PNG
  • Create a Social Media component to increase visibility and share-ability amongst North American consumers


  • Myriad developed the “What Tribe Are You?” Online Microsite which featured a seven-question “Would you rather” style quiz relying heavily on rich imagery and fast facts
  • Myriad also developed a social media component allowing the user to upload their photo and apply their tribe’s headdress to their Facebook profile photo
  • Myriad executed a targeted online advertising campaign including mainstream and niche media


  • The online campaign generated over 7 million impressions, 30,000 unique visitors to the site in a 3 month period
  • 50% user opt-in to be contacted for more information about Papua New Guinea
  • Over 2,000 users uploaded their Face Your Tribe photo to their Facebook profile accounts


Microsite Development